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Who is Liam Klenk?

About the Author

Liam is a world citizen of German-French-Italian descent.
Tumbling into this world two months too early in a girl’s body in April 1971, he was taken away from his mother immediately and brought into an orphanage. Only five months later, a German couple invited him into their lives.
Growing up, Liam faced a multitude of challenges, from severe spasticity in his legs, to dealing with being born in the wrong gender, to the often-tragic struggles and failing marriage of his adoptive parents.

Liam’s life truly began when he left Germany for the first time to move to Washington State in the US in 1990. During this first international experience, Liam lived with a Mormon host family and attended US high school. He learned about different cultures and ideologies and, most importantly – living in a family so different from his own – he learned about love, acceptance, integrity, dealing with conflict and the unknown.

The next fourteen years brought Liam to Seattle, Chicago, and Zurich, Switzerland. He majored in photography and completed diplomas in business and natural sciences.
He got married and divorced twice, found his birth mother and sister, managed a movie theater and worked for McKinsey & Company as a visual services artist.
At age twenty-two Liam took a stand and opted for gender reassignment surgery. At age twenty-three, his body finally felt as if it indeed belonged to him.

In 2005, when Liam was officially declared male, he left all he knew behind. In a quest to explore himself and the world further, he spent the next four years living and working in the Maldives as a scuba instructor and hyperbaric chamber operator.

Liam took life’s challenges like a sprinter tackling an obstacle course. Sometimes he landed flat on his face, but through hard work and dedication he reached the finish line every single time. His love for life and people as well as his curiosity only grew stronger. Living on islands the size of soccer fields and working together with colleagues from all corners of the world helped him become ever more open-minded and compassionate.

A chance encounter in the Philippines in 2009 led Liam to take part in the creation and operation of a visionary project: ‘The House of Dancing Water’ in Macau (back then the largest aquatic show on Earth). Pushing himself to the very edge during four of his most formative years, Liam trained hundreds of international performers and worked as a show diver and underwater stage manager. At the same time, he completed a theater management diploma in Hong Kong.

It was there he, very unexpectedly, found his soul mate. This eventually led Liam to move to Hong Kong where he decided to take a sabbatical to fulfill a lifelong dream: writing his very first book ‘Paralian’. Working on nothing else for fourteen months opened the floodgates in Liam’s mind. Ideas are tumbling through his mind faster than he can put them on paper. He plans to write several more books in the future, including a few children’s stories.

Now married to his soul mate, he currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.


Art in its many forms has always been an inextricable part of my life.

I can’t imagine a life without art – be it reading a book, going to an exhibition, watching ballet, dance, opera, theatre, a movie, or listening to music… Then there is the joy of writing, photographing, drawing, painting and sculpting the odd piece myself. My entire spirit lifts whenever I invest myself fully in these endeavours.

My life in pictures.