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Testimonials for author and inspirational speaker Liam Klenk

“We hear a lot about ‘finding yourself’ and ‘being authentic’ nowadays. I’m a firm believer in the idea of living and let live, but then I’ve never experienced even a fraction of what Liam has. The scenes describing his conception, which is crazy and tumultuous all in its own right, could be a film rather than words on a page – Liam writes with raw honesty and this is powerful. I won’t include a series of plot spoilers here but what I will say is that this book is more than ‘just a memoir’, it’s a window into a life that has been lived fully and packed with challenges including the discovery of his adoption a long time into his life, meeting his birth mother, his challenges with his parents, his gender identity leading to transition to become the man he always knew he was, to travelling the world. Why Paralian? Because Liam is naturally drawn to water – where he lives, where he works – there’s always a water connection. He’s travelled and worked in the most weird and wonderful places, he’s met some incredible people, and he’s endured personal, emotional and psychological challenges I can only begin to imagine personally, but I feel I’ve lived some of those moments with him through his book. Quite incredible. Very moving. Truly inspiring.” – Helen Lewis, LiterallyPR

“Refreshing, enlightening, and a darn good speaker, Liam Klenk covers difficult life situations and the reality of what it means to be transgender in our world today, with an authenticity, honesty, optimism, and grace that will surprise the coldest of listeners. I can heartily recommend his presentations to all – and I imagine, like me, you’ll walk out of the room uplifted and inspired.” – Lasse Andersson, Professor at ZHdK