Month: February 2014

  • Writing about four of the most intense years of my life. My mind is filled with images and emotions, heaven and hell, Jekyll and Hyde… it was a fabulous roller coaster ride for while it lasted. Amazing encounters. Never felt more happy, never more unhappy. Exponential growth and breathlessness.       

  • The Fortunate Nomad Teaser

    The Fortunate Nomad Teaser The 1st teaser for my coming book on Vimeo. Memoirs that will have you at the edge of your seat, touch your heart, and inspire you!       

  • Graduating from high school in the US. For a few years I really tried to come to terms with the body I had been given. Years later I understood that you can’t separate your soul from your body, no matter how hard you try. My time in the US was life-changing and made me curious…

  • I am a very inquisitive guy. At one point I decided to do a natural sciences diploma in my free time. Loved the lab work at Edinburgh university, especially because of the fancy gloves they provided for us.       

  • That’s the book I want to write!       

  • I started writing a long time ago. Mostly poems and short stories… It is now at 42 years of age that i am mature enough to write my memoirs without going crazy re-living all these memories. Looking back with a twinkle in my eye… Humor is the essence!       

  • Learning to fall in love with my body was one of the major growth experiences during my life in the Maldives.       

  • Writing about four years life in the Maldives… Island fever and over-thinking took over at times, the rest was pure awesomeness… looking back I realize the simplicity of island life in the turquoise endlessness of the Indian Ocean definitely rates far up in the Top 10 of the happiest times of my life!       

  • Apart from very odd stripy garments the late 80ies/early nineties presented a unique set of challenges… divorcing parents, hormones, trying to align my awkward orbit with the rest of the planet…       

  • Stuck

    This drawing was done one morning as a teenager, and all the pain and confusion poured out… ever since I could remember my body had been an obstacle, imprisoning me…       

  • 1975 North Sea

    My summers at the North Sea were always the best. i could roam the beach and be myself…       

  • It is hard to describe what it feels like to be homeless in your own body… even harder to describe what it is like to know from earliest childhood that you are trapped and you have no idea how to escape. When I was a bit over twenty I finally grabbed a book that opened…

  • “All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”Federico Fellini