Month: August 2014

  • Towards Uncertainty

    I am very happy to announce I just finished the 3rd draft of my book! Just in time too, since today my bags are packed and I am moving back to Europe. Germany and Switzerland at first, then who knows… September will be spent working very hard on the 4th draft. In October, the search […]

  • Eleven Months

    Beginning of October 2013 I took a chance, left a very unsatisfying job in Hong Kong and decided to go after the dream of a lifetime: writing my memoirs. It’s been a very tough year. Against all odds – no luck with jobs and no income – my partner and I decided to stick it […]

  • Pinocchio

    Frogfish. They are amazing: camouflaging themselves as sponges, striking at lightning speed by extending their jaws with one of the fastest muscle reflexes in nature, and last but not least, they are breathing through gills in their legs. We named this little man Pinocchio. He was a clumsy little fellow. Needing a base to hold […]