Azure Window

azure window

The last few months have felt a lot like climbing a larger-than-life Everest, with the hope that, at some time, the clouds will lift and there will be a sunny peak on which to rest my weary feet while enjoying the vista spreading out in all directions around me.

Most days, I believe in my path, trust the process, and enjoy the journey. Some days though, I can’t help but feel weary and tired, longing for a much-needed break. I am plodding on in my day job, uninspired, but knowing that for now my wife and I simply need to make ends meet.

Every day after work, I rush to my computer and search for jobs worldwide, hoping to find something more inspiring than screening up to 500 internet ads per hour. Then, I focus on searching for suitable literary agents online and send out excerpts of my manuscript. So far I have sent 47 submissions and have received 14 rejections.

Yesterday, it was great to leave our congested Maltese city for a day-trip to Gozo. When we reached the smaller island’s most famous rock formation, I couldn’t take my eyes off the waves dancing and boiling around the Azure Window. I inhaled the salty spray, watched the oceanic ballet, and let the waves roll on through my mind.

Today, the ocean is still within me and it’s time for another dozen or so manuscript submissions to make their way out into the world. Smiling to myself, I begin writing…



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