‘The Fortunate Nomad’ becomes ‘Paralian’

2005 liam on the beach

Writing my first book was an intensive experience and finding a publisher proves to be quite challenging as well. However, the hardest part so far was finding the right title.

Now, we found it: “The Fortunate Nomad” will henceforth be “Paralian.”

Paralian – it is a word from the greek language, meaning “one who lives by the sea.”

Paralian… Paralian… roll it around your tongue for a while like a well-aged wine, and my book’s new title will fill your mind the same way a good bottle of Bordeaux would flow through your stomach – velvety and strong.

I have always lived by the water and it has given me positive energy when all else seemed to fail. Paralian brings a depth of meaning far greater than my working title “The Fortunate Nomad”. Paralian brings us from associations of the desert to the water and its mysterious, invigorating, myriad shades of turquoise and blue. Someone living by the sea is associated with battling forces far stronger than himself, being a lover of nature, a free spirit, a survivor, a thinker, and a philosopher.

“Paralian” it is my friends. It fits.

Please be aware that as of today all social media sites for my book, as well as all other mentions of it anywhere, will change to the new title!



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