Month: September 2015

  • My book and I are now on Goodreads!

    My book “Paralian” is now listed on Goodreads (publication date will be 28th of May, 2016) and I have my very own author page. Come check it out and if you are on Goodreads, why not add me as a friend there :).       

  • Here we go…

    Nervous and excited, like a dad letting his kid go through the schoolyard gate on the first day of school, I just emailed my signed contract to my publisher in the UK. Beautifully timed, a former professor of mine finished reading my manuscript and told me last night that he loved the book and couldn’t […]

  • A Pivotal Moment

    As a child, I never quite fit in. Reading opened up the world for me and books became my most treasured sanctuary. Writing was a natural progression and became a passion. I dabbled in short stories and poems. Then, during my high school years, I signed up for the odd writing contest. In 1988, I […]

  • Hops, Leaps, and Life

    When my mom and I met for the first time, she was already shaped by a life that hadn’t been kind to her. Born in Germany in 1941, she began experiencing life amidst the terrifying thunder of falling bombs. Her father went missing in Stalingrad and her mother was torn apart by never learning the […]

  • Double Dip and Double Up

    My very first book… curious fact is that the process of writing it has been just as much of an odyssey than my life story up until now. New, intense experiences shaped the writing process every step of the way, while an amazing number of people supported my efforts. During the fourteen months of writing, […]