Double Dip and Double Up


My very first book… curious fact is that the process of writing it has been just as much of an odyssey than my life story up until now. New, intense experiences shaped the writing process every step of the way, while an amazing number of people supported my efforts.

During the fourteen months of writing, re-writing and editing my manuscript multiple times, I asked myself often, “When do you stop? When is it good enough?” Just as in any artistic process, it will never be perfect, but after the 8th draft, I trusted my instincts – I clearly felt it and whispered to myself, “This is it Liam. This is as authentic and well-written as it’ll ever get.”

Then came the search for the perfect title – which felt almost harder than writing the entire book.

Present challenge is finding a subtitle that is just right. The cover design will come next…

Last but not least, after almost a year of looking for a publisher, I am now very close to making a final decision and beginning with the publishing process. And, guess what: surprisingly and very unexpectedly, the hardest part so far seems to be letting go of my creation, moving it from the safe confines of my laptop out there into the production- and then bookstore-universe. Like a child experiencing a roller coaster ride for the very first time, I am exhilarated and scared out of my wits all at the same time. Half of my body and mind can’t wait to get into that car, while the other half is wondering if it mightn’t be better to hold out just a little while longer…

Anything can happen. Maybe no one will be interested and I’ll crash. Maybe only a few will ever have a look and it’ll be a very unsatisfying, bumbling ride. Or, maybe more people will be interested than I could ever imagine and I’ll hold on for dear life, screaming all the way to the finish line.

Whatever happens, I hope my book will be one of those rare pieces of literature that will stay in people’s hearts and minds for a very long time.

So here we go… stepping into the car, sitting down, buckling up (or not), looking at the many double dips, double ups, drops, rolls and loops before me and… settling in for the ride – whatever it may be.



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