Month: February 2016

  • An Homage to Books, Cats, and Matt Haig

    For as long as I can remember I’ve devoured books of almost all genres. I still easily read three a week, taking every chance I get to immerse myself in someone else’s thoughts and imagination. Recently, through writing my own first book ‘Paralian’ I’ve redoubled my efforts and have even caught myself reading whilst walking […]

  • Independence

    My dad always highlighted the importance of independence. His version of it was to amass as many savings as possible, thus being financially secure and free to move or buy at a moment’s notice. Years later, during art school in Zurich, one of my professors pointed out how true independence can only be achieved by […]

  • Get ready for a very special journey!

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the full cover of ‘Paralian: not just transgender’. We have finished completing the design and I’ve just passed it for press which means after many months of hard work and preparations, Paralian will go to the printer next week. I must admit I’m quite fond of the whole cover […]

  • The Rainbow Colours of Childhood

    Look at this rainbow of first grade kids from 1978. Can you find me? Who was Liam (then still Stefanie) at 7 years old? I’m curious. Give me your best guess! I’ll wait a little while to see if someone guesses right, and then I’ll reveal in a few days which one of these colour […]