Postal Marathon

2016 book arrived-bocelli in box

This last week was a high-speed marathon involving serious family team work (and a pinch of drama):
The first 100 copies of Paralian arrived at my dad’s place in Germany beginning of the week.
Dad managed to organize stamps and boxes after battling rigid German postal authorities.
I spent hours (days really) soothing my slightly panicked and overstrained parent over Skype.
Then Hanna and I arrived yesterday to a perfect postal workshop set-up in Dad’s living room.
Turns out he even made a gadget out of a sponge and a butter tray to help us wet stamps.
Hanna and I rolled up those proverbial sleeves and proceeded to spend hours on the living room floor, postal paraphernalia spread out all around us.
Bocelli, Dad’s cat, watched over the boxes and made sure we packed them correctly.
Seven hours later all books were inscribed and packaged, ready to be sent out to the 100 amazing people who together donated over 10’000 USD towards Paralian.
At 1am we loaded the packages into Dad’s car to be mailed to every corner of the world after Easter.
2am saw Hanna and I driving back to Zurich… with me spending an hour slapping myself to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.
While Bocelli is most likely still guarding the odd box or two today, I’m home, feeling the aftermath of our postal marathon. I am flat on the couch, hardly moving a muscle, just breathing in and out… catching my breath and snuggling under several warm blankets. I’m a lucky guy.