Intensely Alive

2008 el nido to sabang

“Balanced on top of a pile of baggage, wind and dust whipping into our faces, we held on for dear life as our bus plummeted along rarely-traveled mountain roads and on through countless valleys. Never before had my ass had to endure such a continuous beating. Even low hanging branches and power lines became a threat. Every so often, we would warn each other to duck, just in time to avoid being garroted or beheaded. Every minute was worth it, though – and infinitely better than sitting in the sweltering bus, fighting for space with local school children and chickens.
All three of us endured the entire nine hours atop the bus. I felt intensely alive. I savored the moment, secretly hoping our trip would never end. It was one of the best journeys of my life.”

From Paralian, Chapter 26 – Philippine Sea, page 319