The Boy Who Knew

1974 sylt keitum

As a child I knew instinctively… trapped within this little girl’s body was a little boy… and that’s who he’d always be…

“Each summer, I couldn’t wait to get back to the ocean. The sand dunes seemed to traverse the island like mountainous, slow-gliding golems. More than anything, I longed to reclaim my freedom. As little Stefan, tiny but sinewy and bronzed, I would sit in the sandbox for hours, baking sand cakes and building castles. Soon I would find friends and we would have sack races along the beach or explore the shores of the dark blue North Sea as pirates. The beaches gleamed as golden as if the many grains of sand under our feet consisted instead of millions of sparkling stars. We felt sure our secret treasure chest couldn’t be hidden far away.  For a few summer vacations, I remained the adventurous pirate Stefan, feeling free as a bird and more myself than ever before.”

Excerpt from Paralian – Not Just Transgender