Month: December 2016

  • Starry Skies and Daring Dreams

    On May 28th this year, a dream came true: I published my memoir ‘Paralian’. It hasn’t been an easy journey. Far from it really. But, I appreciate the intensity of the experience. I haven’t sold thousands like I naively hoped to, either. Instead, I was reminded of why I began writing my story in the…

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you out there. Wishing you many magical moments over the holidays and in the years to come! xxx       

  • Joy

    My intensity has always been my greatest strength. But it has also always been my greatest weakness. The line between passion and obsession is razor-thin… Like recently, I finally woke up and realized I was making myself miserable by pushing way too hard to get my book out there. I forgot to remember the most…

  • Rainbow Awards: Best Debut Book

    Review and Ramblings, Dec 8, 2016: “Rainbow Awards: Best Debut Book Transgender and LGBT Book, Paralian – Not Just Transgender” – by Elisa Rainbow       

  • Transgender author tells school pupil Lily: You are not alone

    Kent Online, Nov 26, 2016: “Transgender author tells school pupil Lily: You are not alone” – by Suz Elvey       

  • Paralian Won “Best Debut Book”!

    Paralian won its first literary award today. “Best Debut Book” in the 2016 Rainbow Awards! More info on the awards and all winning categories here:¬† Big heartfelt thanks to the organisers and judges! I’m stuck at home with a painful case of pink eye right now. Then snuck a peek at the glaringly bright screen…