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  • Come see me on stage in Basel on April 16th

    On Sunday, April 16, 2023, come see me on stage in Basel, Switzerland. I will be one of four guests of Swiss talk show legend Kurt Aeschbacher. And he will surely have an amazing conversation with each of us. For 30 years, Kurt Aeschbacher had his own talk show on Swiss TV. Now he is […]

  • Around Greifensee

    Ridiculously tranquil and idyllic moment during a walk around Greifensee. If you are ever in Kanton Zurich, this is a short hike I can really recommend. All the way around the lake it takes around 5 1/2 hours. Storks and other wildlife are all over the place. I used to come here often during my […]

  • Featured in Podcast ‘Mis Coming Out’

    For all Swiss-German and German speakers out there, here a little something to listen to on a relaxed Sunday afternoon: Marco Schaettin recently interviewed me for his fabulous podcast ‘Mis Coming Out’ (my coming out) and I told him about my life story… ☺️  Click here to get to the podcast episode. Further information on […]

  • Paralian at Paranoia City

    Since yesterday, my book is available for sale in Paranoia City, a wonderful, little, independent book shop in Zurich. Paralian is officially out of print, so these are the last 6 copies available for now. What better place to sell them at than in my old home which inspired a large part of this book […]

  • Hello Mr. Kleng

    Bali has always been one of my favorite destinations. Especially Lembongan took my heart by storm when I first visited in 2007 and it has enchanted me ever since. Last month, I was on my way there again for my 5th visit. After landing in Denpasar, my wife and I, Mr. and Mrs. Klenk, together […]

  • Mola Mola

    Time to jump in and enjoy being in my element for a couple weeks……… hovering in the deep blue, riding the currents, and gliding soundlessly (except for Darth Vader like noises from my regulator) along coral reefs, in search of elusive creatures. I came face to face with my first Mola Mola in Crystal Bay […]

  • Pinocchio

    The biggest treasure underwater lies in the shallow depths of the coral reefs. And in the simple joy of softly gliding along weightlessly, being just one more unassuming organism within the endless depths. I love the wild beauty underneath those waves. The myriad shades of turquoise and blue. The diversity of ocean life all around […]

  • An Intricate Microcosmos

    “I often hovered motionless and watched the coral reef for a while, contemplating reef fish behavior. Each organism was busy defending its way of life. Tiny fish would attack divers the moment we ventured too far into their territory. There were all kinds of characters: the camouflaged, the timid, the curious, the bullies, the cowards. […]

  • Close Encounters of the Ocean Kind

    Another small excerpt from Paralian… a once-in-a-lifetime moment… experiencing my first close encounter with a sea turtle in the Maldives: “The Green Sea Turtle rose slowly to the surface. I floated, staying completely still… Her head softly broke the surface only fifteen feet away from me. She took a deep breath, which sounded almost like […]

  • No one should have to fear…

    … for being who they are. So much hate still out there. My heart is heavy thinking of the Orlando shooting victims. But you know what? Killing won’t help those who hate because they are too afraid to open their minds and understand. Because human diversity is as old as the world. Being straight, gay, […]

  • Presenting in San Francisco

    Arriving in San Francisco today after 11 years of absence was surprisingly like stepping into a pair of well worn, comfortable shoes. All senses were flooded with familiar yet deliciously foreign sensations. I inhaled the city scents, basked in the Californian evening sun and headed straight into a strong Pacific evening breeze during a brief […]

  • My Awesome Interview with Radio FUBAR

    This was a wonderful interview. Greatest, charming host, lively conversation… 30 powerful minutes you won’t regret listening to! Fubar radio interview (Episode 29) – Access All Areas – Lizzie Cundy in conversation with author Liam Klenk  On the website, scroll down to ‘previous episodes’. Select Episode 29. The interview with me begins at -31min and […]

  • Underneath the Wings of Stingrays

    Having a fresh mint tea – a well deserved treat after heroically queuing for an hour in the rain to get tickets for the London aquarium. In a little while I’ll head over there for the next treat: a chat with a journalist about Paralian underneath the gently undulating wings of stingrays…       

  • Pirouetting Dolphins

    Here I am, drawing an island while working on the island. One of my many passions in turquoise paradise was guiding boats. On our way to wherever we were heading that day, I would draw each dive site briefing on a little chalk board while the fellow ocean enthusiasts I was guiding would watch my […]

  • Another Quote…

    … this one a bit cheesy I know 😉 but true nonetheless 😀 Here some more words of wisdom by yours truly, “hot off the tweet” from my publisher:       

  • Come visit me on Goodreads!

    Come visit my author profile on Goodreads! Maybe put Paralian on your virtual “want to read” shelf (only 2 1/2 more months and you’ll be able to put it on the physical one in your living room). Goodreads also has a designated space where you can ask questions (you can always ask me anything, here […]

  • 1st Quote

    Ha! Got to post what my publisher just tweeted. First time ever I get to share a meaningful picture quote by……… myself. And in case you’re wondering, I’m chuckling happily while I’m hitting “enter”.       

  • Nothing Held Back

    How I loved this job! Coaching performers, keeping them safe during the show, being a stage hand and stage manager underwater in one of the most visionary projects of all time. The best times were when I could prepare performers for their aquatic environment. I loved seeing them work during our training sessions. Their focus, […]

  • Paralian: Not Just Transgender Author Heads To UK For Book Launch Press Tour – Interview Dates Available


  • An Homage to Books, Cats, and Matt Haig

    For as long as I can remember I’ve devoured books of almost all genres. I still easily read three a week, taking every chance I get to immerse myself in someone else’s thoughts and imagination. Recently, through writing my own first book ‘Paralian’ I’ve redoubled my efforts and have even caught myself reading whilst walking […]

  • Independence

    My dad always highlighted the importance of independence. His version of it was to amass as many savings as possible, thus being financially secure and free to move or buy at a moment’s notice. Years later, during art school in Zurich, one of my professors pointed out how true independence can only be achieved by […]

  • Get ready for a very special journey!

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the full cover of ‘Paralian: not just transgender’. We have finished completing the design and I’ve just passed it for press which means after many months of hard work and preparations, Paralian will go to the printer next week. I must admit I’m quite fond of the whole cover […]

  • The Rainbow Colours of Childhood

    Look at this rainbow of first grade kids from 1978. Can you find me? Who was Liam (then still Stefanie) at 7 years old? I’m curious. Give me your best guess! I’ll wait a little while to see if someone guesses right, and then I’ll reveal in a few days which one of these colour […]

  • The Danish Girl And Me

    Have you seen “The Danish Girl”? Go see it! I loved the sensitivity, the subtleness, the clarity, the not-so-in-your-face way of it. Never have I seen a transgender person portrayed with more love, sensitivity, and acceptance. “The Danish Girl” makes you really FEEL what it is like to be trapped in the wrong body. There […]

  • Paralian now available for pre-order!

    Yay! Paralian is now available for pre-order on and (the other ‘Amazons’ and WHSmith following soon). How amazing is that! Honestly, it feels quite surreal. I hope I’ll stay this excited and enthusiastic every time one of my books comes out (since I am planning to write many many more).         

  • Paralian launching May 28th, 2016

    Only four more months to go until launch (I’m so excited!!)… and here a little taste of what’s to come: “Marcello felt a delightful wave of heat and energy rushing through his body just as the fifth car reached its final destination – Sandra’s bedroom wall. It impacted in a cacophony of noise and falling […]

  • The Moment

    Have you ever read “The Hours” or seen the movie? It’s one of my all-time favorites, making me cry — with sadness as much as happiness — every time. One scene in particular always stays with me: In a very intimate moment towards the end of the movie, Clarissa says to her daughter, ”I remember […]

  • LGBT History Month: Not Just Transgender

    And here right away another press release from LiterallyPR (thanks so much Helen, Sam and Diana) this time focussing more on the transgender/LGBT side of things…       

  • The Legacy of Adoption

    A press release from Literally PR concerning my memoirs ‘Paralian’ (launching soon!). This release focussing on the adoption side of things…       

  • Needle Work

    Every twenty days or so I need to help my body along with a little testosterone. The needle is a good 4 cm long and also not the thinnest kind. Rather a McDonalds straw as opposed to a thin reed if you know what I mean. It needs to be that big because the large […]

  • King for a Day

    One thing I’ve always loved about living and traveling abroad is that you pick up a lot of quirky little customs from each place you’ve been to. Today is “Holy Three Kings” day here in Zurich. On this day, bakeries make a special “Kings” cake, consisting of usually nine individual little sweet breads, joined together […]

  • Island Life In 2013, I spent a few weeks enjoying a theatre management internship at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Those were magical weeks in which I learned about team work and creativity on a different kind of island – one surrounded by mountain ranges instead of a deep blue sea. Here is an article […]

  • Transgender Today – Liam’s Thoughts

    [wpvideo w4SQzHUq] Here a short video I submitted to the New York Times today… they are doing a series of portraits on transgender people… intriguing stories and beautiful thoughts from around the world on gender identity and what it means to be human:…/the-quest-for-transgender-equality… ‪#‎Paralian‬‪#‎LiamKlenk‬ ‪#‎notjusttrans‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎lovinglife‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬ ‪#‎beinghuman‬‪#‎wearethesumofourexperiences‬ ‪#‎lifejourney‬ ‪#‎goforward‬       

  • Paralian Teaser

    [wpvideo VlINKbTs] Many special thanks to my friend Axel for putting together this teaser for ‘Paralian’ as early as spring 2014 (Back then my book still had the working title ‘The Fortunate Nomad’ and we thought it would be published a lot sooner as you can see from the projected launch date at the end […]

  • “There’s such a lot of world to see…”

    I am sitting at home on the couch with my two cats today, relaxing, enjoying the surprisingly warm rays of winter-sunshine and marvelling at the mighty alps spanning the horizon. At the same time, my mind is wandering and I am amazed by the rich life I’ve been privileged to lead so far. There were […]

  • Enjoy the Bubbles!

    Whether in the ocean or just in your glass of champagne, enjoy the bubbles and celebrate a blissful holiday season! Paralian, Santa and a Manta are wishing you a Merry Christmas! ‪#‎Paralian‬ ‪#‎LiamKlenk‬ ‪#‎notjusttrans‬ ‪#‎merrychristmas‬ ‪#‎underwaterbliss‬       

  • Liam

    Last week, one of you asked how I came to choose the name ‘Liam’ for myself… For a long time, even before beginning hormone therapy, I wondered about the right name. My first thoughts were along the lines of carrying on family traditions and maybe pick ‘Karl’ in honour of my late grandfather and my […]

  • Author Liam Klenk Responds to Seven Sisters Festival Trans Exclusion       

  • Not just transgender

    After many weeks of pondering the right subtitle for my book, we decided on “Not just transgender”. Being trans has in many ways impacted my life and also shaped me as an individual. I came into this world as a little boy, trapped in the body of a girl. Until the age of 23 people […]

  • Cat Hairs and Words

    The last two weeks have been very busy for my two cats and me. Each day after my day job, we worked hard on proofreading ‘Paralian’ together one final time. While Pushka, the Persian, distributed as many hairs to my manuscript as she could, I marked the odd spelling mistake in red, trying to get […]

  • Come Visit

    After some intensive weeks of teamwork with web publisher Dan Norris, my website is now online! Come and visit 🙂 ‪#‎Paralian‬ ‪#‎LiamKlenk‬ ‪#‎memoirs‬ ‪#‎lifejourney‬ ‪#‎notjusttrans‬ ‪#‎stepbystep‬‪ #‎inspirational‬ ‪#‎book‬       

  • Traveling in Time

    I spent four days in Budapest last week. It’s a beautiful old town with breath-taking historical buildings and a romantic river, meandering through the heart of the city. As I soaked in the sights and smells all around me, I found myself traveling to places I had never expected. The steaming hot lentil stew and […]

  • Be Yourself!

    Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance… ‪#‎Paralian‬ ‪#‎TDOR‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎humanist‬ ‪#‎lovinglife‬ ‪#‎diversity‬‪#‎respectforeachother‬ ‪#‎notjusttrans‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬       

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance If you have a moment, take a look at this list of transgender individuals who have been murdered so far in 2015. How can this gruesome list still be so long in our day and age? I am not much of a politician, and never will be, but I hope with all my heart […]

  • One More Round

    Here we go… final typeset for ‘Paralian’ is done. I’ll spend the next days going through it all once more to look for any remaining typos and grammatical errors. Right after that we’ll be ready to shoot for the stars and the production of my memoirs will begin in earnest! ‪#‎Paralian‬ ‪#‎memoirs‬ ‪#‎LiamKlenk‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎notjusttrans‬ ‪#‎transgender‬‪#‎ilovewriting‬ ‪#‎nevergiveup‬       

  • It runs in the family

    The cats of a writer… in our family we all love bookshelves 🙂       

  • Under Pressure

    Here I am, working as a hyperbaric chamber operator in the Maldives. Running the chamber from the outside was great. I loved being able to help and make a real difference. Tending to the patient on the inside, however, wasn’t so groovy. Being stuck together in a space smaller than a broom closet for up […]

  • Already listed on Amazon!

    Amazing, a friend just brought it to my attention that ‪#‎Paralian‬ is already listed worldwide on Amazon!       

  • A Healthy Level of Caution

    Most days being trans isn’t a big deal. I go about my business just like everyone else, dealing with all the usual problems and insecurities of everyday life. Then, there are other days… The media coverage you see every now and then about transgender people being badly harassed or even beaten to death aren’t just […]

  • 1st press coverage for ‘Paralian’

    We’ve taken a major leap forward: 1st press coverage ever for my book ‘Paralian’ in one of Britains largest free newspapers ‘Metro’. Click on the link below to access the huge article journalist Deni Kirkova wrote about my story. How I escaped the prison of my female form: One man’s journey to finding his true […]

  • Those Precious Moments

    Leisurely hovering side-by-side a big Napoleon Wrasse in Micronesia, its slowly rotating eye following my every move while silently enquiring “Who are you biped? Should I be worried about you?”… Feeling the wingtip of a Manta Ray, brushing against me light as a feather, while the giant creature continues sailing over my head as gracefully […]

  • Final Draft of Paralian’s Cover

    Here is the final draft of the book cover we hope will catch your eye in bookstores on- and offline starting May 28, 2016. My awesome wife Hanna came up with the cover design as well as the book’s final title. The portrait has been taken by my good friend and photographer Susanne Stauss. You […]

  • Two years of hard work and tenacity condensed in one page…

    Lots to learn for me while publishing ‪#‎Paralian‬. Here is the AI – the Advanced Information Sheet, written by my amazing PR company ‪#‎LiterallyPR‬. Thanks so much Sam and Helen! It’s a first glimpse for potentially interested media smile emoticon I’ll share it with you too, because, quite frankly Sam did such a fabulous job summing up my […]

  • One who lives by the Sea

    ‘Paralian’ comes from the ancient greek and means ‘one who lives by the sea’. I could never imagine being without bodies of water, be it to be immersed in them or to just let my eyes wander over rippling, myriad shades of blue… Where there were none, I created them (as you can see in […]

  • It’s time for PR…

    My PR company, LiterallyPR is fantastic. I am so happy to have found this team of competent specialists who truly care beyond just making money. Check out my book’s page on their website:       

  • Be Brave

    After I had an epiphany and understood fully “I am transgender”, there was only one way: forward. Continuing in the wrong body was never an option. I was scared but determined. Then, I began telling people about my situation: “I’m actually a man stuck in a female body. I’ve started hormone therapy, so you’ll see […]

  • Changed Forever

    Ten years ago to date I left my home in Zurich and moved to turquoise heaven: Kuredu, a tiny island in the mesmerisingly beautiful Lhaviyani Atoll and its surrounding Indian Ocean. Here I am, the little guy on the right, with the other two members of our Kuredu snorkel guide team in 2005. And what […]

  • My book and I are now on Goodreads!

    My book “Paralian” is now listed on Goodreads (publication date will be 28th of May, 2016) and I have my very own author page. Come check it out and if you are on Goodreads, why not add me as a friend there :).       

  • Here we go…

    Nervous and excited, like a dad letting his kid go through the schoolyard gate on the first day of school, I just emailed my signed contract to my publisher in the UK. Beautifully timed, a former professor of mine finished reading my manuscript and told me last night that he loved the book and couldn’t […]

  • A Pivotal Moment

    As a child, I never quite fit in. Reading opened up the world for me and books became my most treasured sanctuary. Writing was a natural progression and became a passion. I dabbled in short stories and poems. Then, during my high school years, I signed up for the odd writing contest. In 1988, I […]

  • Hops, Leaps, and Life

    When my mom and I met for the first time, she was already shaped by a life that hadn’t been kind to her. Born in Germany in 1941, she began experiencing life amidst the terrifying thunder of falling bombs. Her father went missing in Stalingrad and her mother was torn apart by never learning the […]

  • Double Dip and Double Up

    My very first book… curious fact is that the process of writing it has been just as much of an odyssey than my life story up until now. New, intense experiences shaped the writing process every step of the way, while an amazing number of people supported my efforts. During the fourteen months of writing, […]

  • Vibrations

    Truly Magical Moments. I am not even a techno fan… and I don’t like crowds… but I absolutely love the intensity of Zurich’s annual Streetparade. People of all ages and nationalities are dancing and letting go together. Even 80-year old couples are joining into the party. Old ladies are wearing Hawaiian Leis, their eyes lighting […]

  • Zugspitze

    When I was sixteen, my dad brought me along for a trip to Berchtesgaden with his lover. During one of our days there, they wanted to have some time to themselves. I welcomed having a day to explore on my own and decided to hike all the way to the top of Zugspitze. I didn’t […]

  • Dad

    As a child I adored my dad. Come adolescence, he began to seem old to me, a stranger, far removed from my own world. In my eyes he was unable to truly comprehend what happened in my life. Many years later, when I turned forty, I noticed with astonishment that deep inside I hadn’t changed […]

  • New Beginnings

    My apologies for keeping you waiting with my weekly post. Our move from Malta to Zurich has brought all else to a standstill. After weeks of planning, searching and moving from apartment to hotel room to Airbnb, we have found our new home. We have unearthed long forgotten mementos from the bottom of dusty boxes […]

  • Confidence

    In 2002, a friend took this photograph. I felt very confident at the time, like a forgotten orchid suddenly receiving the right amount of sunshine, water, nutrients, and inner strength to bloom into an amazing being. Still though, at that point, I found it hard to take off my shirt, because I was worried far […]

  • He to She

    When we first arrived in Gzira, Malta, I couldn’t help but notice this cute sign. I would pass it every day, chuckling to myself as I imagined this tiny space to be a secret clinic for gender transitions. Of course, Gzira’s “He to She” is only a small neighborhood barber shop. Being a transgender male who […]

  • Meant To Be

    I’ve always believed in signs. If I hadn’t, then this last month surely would have changed my mind… It all started with me writing an old buddy in Zurich, asking, “Hey, if you guys ever have an opening in your team, could you let me know?” Five minutes later, I get an email, “What a […]

  • It is so ordered.

    “The first gay couple was just married in Dallas today. An 82 yr old and an 85 yr old man finally got to be recognized as legally married in the city they call home. The world just became a little bit brighter in our corner of North Texas.” As I read through my various online […]

  • Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful backstage video of the show I dedicated four years of my life to. I was just one little cog in the giant mechanism of this masterpiece, staying with it as an underwater coach and show diver from training and formation through creation through to operation. I ended up working more than one thousand shows […]

  • Thank you Mr. King

    I read something this morning that lifted my spirits, a quote by Stephen King: “The only mortal sin is giving up.” Thank you Mr. King, I needed this today. The last four weeks have been hard. I am waiting for a decision. It’s nothing earth-shattering. I applied for a job. Still, a “yes” will be […]

  • ‘The Fortunate Nomad’ becomes ‘Paralian’

    Writing my first book was an intensive experience and finding a publisher proves to be quite challenging as well. However, the hardest part so far was finding the right title. Now, we found it: “The Fortunate Nomad” will henceforth be “Paralian.” Paralian – it is a word from the greek language, meaning “one who lives […]