Tag: #catsarefamily

  • Pushka is Coming Home

    Tomorrow, I’ll drive over to Portugal to pick up this very special old lady 🥰😍🥹 10 years ago, when I adopted her in Malta, I promised her I would never abandon her. But then life had other plans. Thankfully, dearest, sweet, old Pushka, I managed to keep my promise to you after all. It’s been a…

  • Macau, One of the Harbours of My Life

    As happy as I am where I am right now, I miss my home in Macay every single day. I miss my life in that strange, yet beautiful little town right next to Zhuhai, China. I miss my cozy apartment with a view over the South China Sea and the mainland. With its lush tropical…

  • The Last Odds And Ends

    Boo is helping me pack the last odds and ends. So tempting to pack her too while we’re at it… But it’ll mean an additional 4 kg, so I guess I better not 😉 I’ll miss her to bits but, gladly, my dad is taking great care of her.