Public Speaking Engagements

Liam is available for speaking engagements. To check his availability please send a message via the contact form on this website.

At first shy of the spotlight, a good friend sparked Liam’s career as a public speaker by quoting Spiderman. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Liam realized he had the power of extensive life experiences, the power of authenticity, understanding, and compassion. Soon, he discovered he also had a talent for speaking publicly.
A talent for building bridges.

Liam has embraced the responsibility and has, since 2016, given presentations for many corporations and events. He has been invited as keynote and panel speaker around the globe.

In his presentations, Liam aims to give his audiences an authentic, personal glimpse into what it means to be transgender in our world today. He aims to dispel myths, labels, and stereotypes and aims to promote mutual respect, acceptance, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To date, Liam has spoken in front of audiences of a few to several hundred participants. As well as to 1 million viewers when he was invited to the Swiss talk show Aeschbacher in 2018.

Speaking engagements to date:


  • Podcast Unboxing Women, Episode 71, Exposing the Reality of What it Means to Be Transgender
  • Presentation at AXA on being transgender and the importance of DE&I in the workplace. In celebration of new diversity network Queer@AXA, Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Panel Inclusivity in the Workplace, for HEC Business School, at their Pride event Beyond Boundaries, Paris
  • Presentation on my life as a transgender man, for Network Gay Leadership, Basel, Switzerland
  • Keynote speaker at 7th St. Gallen New Work Forum, Around the (working-) world a a transgender man: about the importance of open communication and safe spaces in our working life, Metaverse conference, Switzerland


  • Panel How Companies are Failing Trans/Queer Employees, at EUROUT conference in London
  • Workshop for transgender children and their parents, at the TINAV-Joy-Day, Zurich
  • Panel at SwissRe Together with Pride: Breaking Barriers for Transgender, Zurich
  • Panel Together for Gender, at Boston Consulting Group, Brussels
  • Presentation Working Around the Globe as a Transgender Man, at Boston Consulting Group, Vienna
  • Guest on stage at Sunday Guests with talk show host Kurt Aeschbacher at Cultural Center Haebse, Basel, Switzerland


  • My Journey as a Transgender Man at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), Switzerland and Germany 
  • EMESA Accelerate Inclusion Series at BCG: Trans Awareness and Inclusion. Panel together with Caroline Farberger.
  • Panel When is it Safe to be You, at EUROUT conference in London
  • Presentation and Workshop at Pflegeheim (care home) Sennhof, Vordemwald, Switzerland, about optimal care and inclusion of trans, non-binary, and non-conforming patients and residents
  • Workshop Beyond the T, at BCG EMEA LGBTQIA+ conference, Berlin


  • Presentation at UBS in Hong Kong


  • Podcast Episode of Mis Coming Out (My Coming Out)
  • Guest at Swiss TV SRF Talk Show Aeschbacher, to the theme Born Again. Please watch the recording (in Swiss German) here.
  • Keynote speaker at Sticks & Stones conference, Transgender and the Sum of our Experiences, Berlin
  • Panel LGBT+ Issues of the Lesser Known Letters, at the LGBT Talents conference, Paris
  • Writers Resist – authors read for human rights on Martin Luther King Day, at Spheres, Zurich
  • Presentation at UBS, Zurich


  • Presentations at Zurich Insurance, Zurich
  • Presentation at McKinsey & Company’s GLAM Friday Bar, Berlin
  • Presentation at Boston Consulting Group Switzerland, Zurich
  • Keynote Speaker at LGBTQI Book Fair, Southampton, UK
  • Writers Resist – authors read for human rights on Martin Luther King Day, at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich


  • Presentations at Boston Consulting Group Zurich, London, Dusseldorf
  • Keynote Speaker at Global LGBTQI+ Conference in San Francisco, USA, Boston Consulting Group
  • Keynote speaker at LiterallyPR event in London, UK


  • Panel on Trans Identity, at Karl der Grosse , Zurich