It is so ordered.

2015 old couple getting married

“The first gay couple was just married in Dallas today. An 82 yr old and an 85 yr old man finally got to be recognized as legally married in the city they call home. The world just became a little bit brighter in our corner of North Texas.”

As I read through my various online newsfeeds, tears of joy keep welling up. I smile, laugh out loud, and rejoice in this positive humanitarian milestone. I bow my head in respect to the US Supreme Court. Well done. Here is to love, humanity, freedom, equality, and mutual respect!
There will be outrage from some sides, I’m sure, but no matter what will happen, one fact will remain: we have caught a rare glimpse of humanity at its best.
Halfway across the globe in Malta we can feel the Earth shaking as rainbows light up our lives and even the Mediterranean sun is celebrating, glowing brighter and warmer than ever before.



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