Month: June 2015

  • Meant To Be

    I’ve always believed in signs. If I hadn’t, then this last month surely would have changed my mind… It all started with me writing an old buddy in Zurich, asking, “Hey, if you guys ever have an opening in your team, could you let me know?” Five minutes later, I get an email, “What a […]

  • It is so ordered.

    “The first gay couple was just married in Dallas today. An 82 yr old and an 85 yr old man finally got to be recognized as legally married in the city they call home. The world just became a little bit brighter in our corner of North Texas.” As I read through my various online […]

  • Behind the Scenes

    Beautiful backstage video of the show I dedicated four years of my life to. I was just one little cog in the giant mechanism of this masterpiece, staying with it as an underwater coach and show diver from training and formation through creation through to operation. I ended up working more than one thousand shows […]

  • Thank you Mr. King

    I read something this morning that lifted my spirits, a quote by Stephen King: “The only mortal sin is giving up.” Thank you Mr. King, I needed this today. The last four weeks have been hard. I am waiting for a decision. It’s nothing earth-shattering. I applied for a job. Still, a “yes” will be […]

  • ‘The Fortunate Nomad’ becomes ‘Paralian’

    Writing my first book was an intensive experience and finding a publisher proves to be quite challenging as well. However, the hardest part so far was finding the right title. Now, we found it: “The Fortunate Nomad” will henceforth be “Paralian.” Paralian – it is a word from the greek language, meaning “one who lives […]

  • To sail or not to sail …

    Maybe this little sailor will soon be homeward bound. Or maybe not. Everything else pales at the moment while awaiting possibly life-changing decisions. One thing’s for sure though, I am truly ready to sail on home, my amazing wife and cats in tow.